If you can choose the best, why settle for less? As evidenced by glowing reviews and high levels of customer satisfaction, Service Plus Plumbing is a recognized name if you’re searching as the best plumber in Las Vegas. With a friendly staff dedicated to delivering premium customer service and 24/7 support for your emergency plumbing needs, we are proud to have the trust and loyalty of new and longtime customers alike.


About Us

Service Plus Plumbing has served customers in the Las Vegas and Henderson area for over 15 years. Since our establishment, we have prided ourselves on providing top-notch customer care and services for both residential and commercial customers. With expertise in a variety of plumbing issues such as leaking pipes and drain clogs, we are a go-to resource for plumbing needs large and small. We also install appliances and help improve, renovate, or add plumbing systems for home construction or renovation projects. We are also proud to offer our “warehouses on wheels,” which are fully-equipped service trucks that contain the equipment, tools, and materials needed to get the job done. Along with fixing plumbing issues that arise, our expert staff and mobile units can perform preventative tasks such as cleaning and maintenance. If you have questions about your plumbing system or want a professional’s evaluation, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Our Services

We are proud to offer a range of services for residential and commercial plumbing needs. This includes fixing pipe leaks, drain service, installing and repairing garbage disposals and water heaters, and much more. Pipe leaks are one of the most common problems that a plumbing system encounters. However, leaking pipes need to be fixed right away, as they can cause severe damage and drastically increase your water bill. Clogged drains are another main reason why people call on Service Plus Plumbing when they need a reliable Las Vegas emergency plumber. Clogged drains are usually caused by improper use, such as letting debris accumulate in the pipes or putting items down the kitchen sink drain that don’t belong there, including grease and coffee grinds. If your pipes are clogged for any reason, call us for a quick fix.

Along with solving plumbing problems, we also install components in a plumbing system. If you need a new hot water heater, for instance, we will recommend one that meets your needs and put it in your home. We can also install a garbage disposal to make eliminating waste easier and more convenient. From dishwashers to sinks and other appliances, we install many more plumbing components, too.

For 15 years, Service Plus Plumbing has stood out as the #1 choice for the best plumber in Las Vegas, as rated by satisfied clients in the residential and commercial sectors alike. No matter what plumbing issue you’re facing or when you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are available around the clock to meet all your plumbing service and repair needs.