From maintaining groundwater supplies to lowering your water bills, conserving water has many benefits. If you’re wondering how to minimize your water consumption at home, a Las Vegas plumber shares 15 surprising (and not so surprising) ways that you may be using excess water.


  1. Running the water while brushing your teeth or shaving. Each minute that you leave the faucet on wastes two gallons of water.


  1. Running the faucet until the water turns cool rather than keeping a container of cool drinking water in the fridge.


  1. Not using a stopper when washing your dishes by hand.


  1. Setting water temperatures high in your pool or spa, which causes water to evaporate.


  1. Running a dishwasher that is not full.


  1. Washing loads of clothing when the washer is less than full. Most cycles use 35-50 gallons of water per load, regardless of the wash level.


  1. Using your toilet as a wastebasket by flushing tissues or other objects. Each flush can waste five to seven gallons of water.


  1. Taking long, hot showers without using a low-flow showerhead. Installing a low-flow showerhead can save up to 800 gallons of water each month.


  1. Over-filling the bathtub beyond the necessary amount, which wastes tremendous volumes of water. Pets, small children, and infants don’t require a full tub for bathing.


  1. Not upgrading toilets and other water-intensive appliances with energy-efficient versions. Toilets alone use up to one-third of your home’s daily water. Toilets installed before 1993 use approximately two more gallons per flush than energy-efficient models.


  1. Watering the lawn and your plants on windy days. Wind-driven water easily blows onto the driveway or walkway, which becomes a wasted effort. Additionally, water tends to evaporate more quickly on windy days.


  1. Not repairing leaks in your home and maintaining your plumbing fixtures. The bathtub, toilet, and faucets are common sources of leaks that can add up to tremendous volumes of water loss and increase your utility bills. In the summer, be sure to check your irrigation system for leaks too, causing large volumes of water to be wasted.


  1. Not using a pool cover. Water can evaporate from the pool, which means you have to use more water to keep the pool water levels where they are supposed to be.


  1. Watering more than three days each week during hot weather. On hot days, try to water between 9:00 AM and noon or after 8:00 PM, which is when water evaporation is at a minimum.


  1. Cleaning your sidewalks with a garden hose rather than a broom can waste up to 10 gallons of water every minute.


If you’re ready to reduce your home’s water usage, a plumber in Las Vegas can help. Contact Service Plus Plumbing to conserve water and lower your utility bills today.