Whether you need an extra shower for the morning rush or you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your home, it’s easy to add on another bathroom. You don’t need tons of space for a new bathroom, and you don’t have to break the bank with an addition, either. Another advantage of adding a bathroom to your home is that it can raise the property value. A Henderson plumber can provide some tips for adding on a new bathroom to your home.


Choosing a Site


Space is an essential consideration for a bathroom. You may even be able to add a new bathroom without changing your home’s size and shape. You can sometimes convert common spaces or unused areas such as large closets or dead space beneath the staircase into a bathroom. If your home has an attached garage, it’s also possible to turn a shared wall into space for a new bathroom. If there is not enough existing space in your home, another solution is to make room for a new bathroom by converting extra yard space into an addition.


Where to Place the Pipes and Electrical Wiring


No matter where you site the bathroom, the plumbing, and electrical wiring must be up to code. A plumber in Henderson can help determine if you’ll be better off upgrading the electric and plumbing throughout your entire home, or if you can simply install new wiring and plumbing in the new bathroom. Another factor to consider when adding a bathroom is the age of the septic tank and if it can handle the added capacity of an extra bathroom.


Consider the Cost


Cost is also an important factor for many homeowners who are adding on a bathroom. If you are creating a new bathroom using existing space, it might cost you $3,000 for a bathroom addition. But if you are planning a home addition to add a new bathroom, the total cost may reach $25,000. The type of materials you use, the complexity of the project, and whether you do some of the work yourself or hire a professional plumber also influence the cost.


Extending an Existing Bathroom


Instead of adding a new bathroom to your home, you can also add an extension to an existing bathroom. Modifying a bathroom rather than adding on a new bathroom can lower the cost of the installation. If you choose to extend an existing bathroom, you may end up paying $2,000 to $5,000.


Adding another bathroom to your home can be a great way to increase your home’s value and make your property more hospitable. If you’re looking for a Henderson plumber to get the job done, contact Service Plus Plumbing for assistance today.