Everyone deals with a clogged toilet on occasion. But if the problem keeps happening, you may be dealing with more chronic plumbing issues. A clogged toilet can be caused by a variety of issues, which range from the fixture itself to the quality of your water or a problem with the drain line. If you’re dealing with a toilet that frequently develops clogs, here are some possible causes. Some you might be able to manage on your own, but for others, affordable plumbing in Henderson will help you make repairs.


Clogged Drain Line

A drain line can get clogged from many things, ranging from waste and paper products to foreign objects and hair. If your toilet gets clogged frequently, it may mean that these products have built up in the pipeline over time. You’ll probably need a professional plumber to clear the drain line and get the toilet working correctly again.


Low Water Pressure

Having insufficient water pressure in your tank also cause clogs. The pressure is required to push waste out of the toilet. If there’s not enough pressure, the toilet cannot do its job. If low water pressure is the problem, you may notice that the water level in the tank is never full. If the problem is systemic, you’ll notice low water pressure in other areas of your house, too.


Hard Water

Water quality can also affect your plumbing. Hard water can calcify in the pipes, which causes a chalky white substance to build up in the pipes. It’s best to avoid calcification in the first place, as it can be difficult to remove once it sets in. Water hardness is affected by the type and volume of minerals in your water supply. Over time, water with a high mineral content restricts the pipes, which reduces the volume of water and waste products that can move through. The simplest short-term solution is to have a plumber flush the system. In the long term, you might need to install a water softener to treat your water and prevent mineral deposits.


Non-Flushable Items

Toilets are only programmed to dispose of certain substances, such as toilet paper. However, many people accidentally flush items down the toilet that cause bigger problems. Q-Tips, diaper wipes, cotton balls, floss, and paper towels are some common items that get flushed down the drain and cause problems later on. Since prevention is the best cure, in this case, try keeping a large wastebasket near the toilet to encourage the use of only flushable materials.

Problems with your plumbing need prompt attention, as it can be hazardous to your property and your health. If your toilets regularly get clogged, it’s probably time to get easy flow plumbing Las Vegas. You may need just a one-time fix to get the appliances functioning again, or you may need a more comprehensive repair. Either way, contact Service Plus Plumbing for a solution.