Like most people, you probably rarely think of the sewer line in your home. Provided it’s working fine, there is no reason to. But problems do arise with the sewer line, and they need prompt attention. Some sewer line problems can be repaired, especially on newer homes. But sewer lines in older homes, especially ones made of cast iron, are subject to erosion and wear. You might be able to repair these lines, but if not you’ll need to replace them. When sewer line problems arise, be aware that it’s your duty as a homeowner to contact a professional plumber to make repairs.


Sewer Lines

If you see water spots/stains in your home, the cause may be a broken sewer line. Soft spots in a yard or a settling floor can also indicate a broken sewer line. One of the biggest threats posed by a malfunctioning sewer line is a sewage backup, which can be prevented if you pay attention to early warning signs. So if you notice damp spots, especially when a foul odor accompanies them, consider that a sewer line might be the main culprit. If this happens, look for pipe maintenance service Las Vegas to get an evaluation for your sewer line and make sure nothing seems amiss. If there is a problem, a professional plumber can fix it.


Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing toilets and backed-up drains are another indication that you might have a sewer line issue on your hands. Toilets do occasionally run and overflow. But if it happens frequently, the problem might be more than a one-time issue. Debris can accumulate in the sewer line if it’s not cleaned from time to time. If you try to unclog your overflowing toilet with a plunger or an auger to no avail, the main problem may lie deeper in the piping system. If you can’t unclog the toilet on your own, call in a plumber to help. A professional plumber has more advanced tools and equipment that can reach farther down in the pipes. If you live on a property surrounded by tall trees, be aware that the tree roots can grow into the sewer line. This restricts the regular flow of debris through the pipes, which in turn makes them clogged. Overflowing toilets are a primary symptom.

A broken sewer line is a significant problem. It’s also an issue that you’ll want to get fixed right away, as a broken line can cause extensive damage to your home and foundation if it’s not repaired. Keep in mind that sewer lines in older homes are at a higher risk of rusting and breaking down. If you suspect a sewer line problem in your home, be sure to give Service Plus Plumbing a call. Offering affordable plumbing in Henderson, we’re here to take care of your pressing plumbing needs.