As a homeowner, you’d surely agree that trees should grow in your yard… not your plumbing! Although those majestic pine, oak, and maple trees might make beautiful decorations in your lawn, they can cause major problems if their roots grow into your plumbing. In fact, thousands of dollars worth of damage can result! What you might not realize is that it’s no coincidence that tree roots gravitate towards your plumbing’s pipes. The pipes naturally provide a source of water and nutrients that draws roots in. Therefore, you’ll need to actively take steps to prevent roots from invading your plumbing lines if you have trees growing nearby. If you’re not sure where to start, or if you already have a problem with tree roots on your hands, it’s time to call Service Plus Plumbing, the Las Vegas best plumber, to pinpoint and solve the source of the problem.


Find the Sewer Lines

You may have seen a “Call Before You Dig” sign posted in your neighborhood or along the side of a roadway. This number is a national hotline (just dial ‘811’) that tells you where sewer lines are located in your neighborhood. The number also tells you where sewer lines are buried underground. Homeowners can also call their town public works department for the same information. Before starting any property work, including planting landscaping, it’s a good idea to know where pipes, lines, and cables are located.


Build a Barrier

Since tree roots gravitate towards your home’s sewer lines, you might need to take more forceful action to stop the roots from interfering with your plumbing. There are several viable methods available for preventing tree roots from reaching your plumbing lines. The first option is to apply slow-release chemicals to the sewer line. They will detect and deter tree roots from touching the pipes. Additionally, you can build wood or metal barriers, located six to 12 inches underground, that run parallel to your sewer lines. This mechanical interference mechanism is equally effective at preventing roots from reaching your pipelines. Furthermore, it does not introduce potentially harsh and harmful chemicals into the ground.


Watch for Signs

Unfortunately, plumbing problems can quickly start long before you know it. Signs of a problem might be your first indication that something is wrong. If your drains begin to clog more frequently, it’s quite likely that you have a partial or complete blockage on your hands. If you notice one or more of these warning signs, contact us for prompt leak detection in Henderson, NV. If left unfixed, these seemingly minor problems can result in frequent clogs, slow-draining appliances, and backups.

As a homeowner, you certainly appreciate the beauty that trees add to your yard. But when those trees intersect with your home’s plumbing, a nightmare situation can result. Fortunately, we are available around the clock to fix your plumbing woes. Visit our website today to learn about our pipe maintenance service in Las Vegas at