The main sewer line is one of the most significant components in your home’s plumbing system. As the mainline that diverts sewage away from your home and into the city’s system, it is also one of the most critical parts of your home’s plumbing. Many homeowners don’t think about the main sewer line until there is a problem. Typically, the problem will appear in the form of a clogged drain or burst pipe. The sewer line can also develop a leak, which causes water to flow out and can erode the soil in the surrounding area. By the time the erosion is apparent at the ground level, your property may be at severe risk of developing a sinkhole or flooding problems. In any event, you’ll be faced with a large repair bill and costly cleanup. If you’re wondering what sewer line issues you might face, these are three of the most common culprits.


Tree Roots


Tree roots can grow into and breakthrough your plumbing lines. They are generally made of cast iron, clay, or other porous (but still hardy) materials. Tree roots seek out sources of water as the tree grows. Naturally, if they come across a pipe filled with a constant source of water, they’ll gravitate towards that. Tree roots can find their way into any pipe if they are determined enough. But a pipe with a crack is even more likely to get intercepted by a determined tree root.


Broken or Collapsed Pipes


You might not be able to spot a broken or collapsed pipe right away. But a skilled plumber who offers pipe service Las Vegas will put a camera into the main sewer line that can detect problems before they’re apparent to the homeowner or even a plumber. With the aid of the camera, a plumber will be able to see if the pipe has shifted, collapsed, or otherwise become damaged and needs pipe maintenance service Las Vegas.




Blockages in your main sewer line can accumulate slowly over time. In some cases, they can take years to develop and become apparent! Paper products, grease, and other materials can become stuck in the main sewer line and cause it to stop working properly. Therefore, knowing what you can (and shouldn’t) put down the drains helps avoid future problems. But if you do encounter a blockage, the best plumber in Las Vegas can resolve the issue before it causes significant backups or structural damage.


As a homeowner, there are many plumbing-related maintenance tasks to be aware of. In any case, preventing problems before they start – or become worse – is critical. If you suspect you have a problem with the main sewer line, be sure to contact Service Plus Plumbing. With help available around the clock, we offer immediate pipe maintenance service Las Vegas.