Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is one of the most important. It’s the first room prospective buyers look at when searching for a home, and it contains some essential appliances in your house. There are many appliances that you can include in your kitchen to make it functional, attractive, and add value to your home. Some kitchen appliances are essential, but what about others like pot fillers, which are considered luxuries? Here’s all you need to know about pot fillers to decide if they’re right for you.


What are Pot Fillers?


Pot fillers are unique kitchen faucets that are designed exclusively for cooking. As the name suggests, they are used primarily to fill pots with water so that you don’t have to lug heavy pots from the sink to the stove. Pot fillers are located above the stovetop. They are often mounted into the wall over the stovetop at an adequate height that leaves room for pots and pans of assorted sizes beneath.


The Benefits of Pot Fillers


Pot fillers give your kitchen a more upscale look. They can be safer and more convenient than standard faucets if you’re filling large pots of water, as you don’t have to risk slipping or spilling water carrying a heavy pot from the sink to the stove. Because they eliminate the need for lifting, pot fillers are an excellent option for people with back problems or arthritis. Furthermore, they add value to your home.


Installing Pot Fillers


Most homes are configured with kitchen plumbing for everyday appliances. However, not all homes are set up for pot fillers. There are two kinds of pot fillers that you can get, which are countertop and wall-mount. Wall-mount pot fillers are the most common variety, which means they’ll need to be attached to the wall and have a water connection. Installing pot fillers is usually a multi-step project that involves configuring plumbing and wiring. Some require special mounting equipment and water connections, which can be complicated. A professional who offers superior plumbing Las Vegas can assist with the installation if you’re not comfortable with DIY plumbing projects.


Choosing a Design


Like regular faucets, pot fillers come in many styles and finishes. You should keep several considerations in mind when choosing a pot filler for your home to ensure a good fit. The design and color of your backsplash, the color of your cabinets, the finish of your sink, knobs, and regular faucet, and the overall style and design of your kitchen are all crucial considerations. Once you’ve considered these factors, it will be easier to narrow down your potential options.


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