That foul smell when you turn on the faucet – which is often described as a sulfuric smell or “rotting eggs,” is undoubtedly unpleasant. However, the situation is not hopeless. Foul-smelling water is a common complaint among homeowners, and it’s one of the main reasons people call for a plumber in Henderson. The most common cause of foul-smelling water is an accumulation of hydrogen sulfide in your pipes. Despite the appalling scent, you’ll be relieved to know that the situation is not dangerous. However, you’ll still want to have the problem fixed. Here are some easy solutions.


Clean the Pipes


Eliminating bad odors from your water may be as simple as cleaning out the pipes. Try turning on all the faucets in your home and letting them run for about 10 minutes. Turn them off afterward and wait a few minutes. This should be sufficient to clear out the pipes. If you don’t smell the odor when you turn the faucets back on, the problem is fixed.


Clean and Disinfect the Hot Water Heater


Your hot water heater can also be the source of hydrogen sulfide. An easy way to determine this is if you smell a bad odor only when the hot water is on. If so, try cleaning the water heater. You can do this by connecting a hose to your water heater and letting it drain outside. After about 10 minutes, check the water for sediments. If there are, continue to make the water run until it is clear. Turning the water temperature to 160ºF and letting it run for several hours can clear out any bacteria build-up in the system.


Install Water Filters


One way to remove foul-smelling water from your home is by installing water filters. Water filters should help purify and cleanse the water. However, a tip with water filters is that they need to be changed regularly to work effectively. Water filters that are not cleaned regularly can also be a source of foul-smelling water in your home.


Use Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis is a process of purifying your water that makes it cleaner and more palatable to drink. Reverse osmosis can remove impurities in your drinking water that cause foul odors and other problems. As a bonus, reverse osmosis systems are easy to install and maintain.


Keep in mind that although you can fix water with hydrogen sulfide build-up, you might want to have a professional plumber test your water to check for other impurities and abnormalities. This is especially true if you have groundwater that comes from a well. If you’re dealing with foul-smelling water and need help from a local expert, you can always call on Service Plus Plumbing. Offering fast response times and a team of experienced plumbers, we’re your solution for ideal plumbing Las Vegas.