Within minutes, you can go on your phone or computer and find whatever information you need. If you’re searching for plumbers in Henderson, you’ll instantly notice a list of providers. But of all the plumbers you find, how do you know who is best? Reading customer reviews online and getting personal recommendations gives you some indication of a plumber’s reputation and reliability. But there are some key questions you should ask any plumber to make sure they’re qualified to perform work in your home.


Are They Licensed?

It might surprise you to learn that some people who work as plumbers aren’t licensed. However, it’s essential to ask about a plumber’s certification before hiring them for work. An unlicensed plumber’s work might fail inspection. If that happens, you’ll be responsible for repairs.


Who Does the Work?

If you hire a larger plumbing company, be sure to inquire about who’s doing the work. Some companies hire teams of laborers with varying levels of skill and experience. Before the project starts, it’s wise to find out who will be performing the job and what their reputation is like.


When do They Want Payment?

Miscommunication about payment can cause awkward and uncomfortable situations for both homeowner and plumber. Most plumbers use a “mileage” system that charges incrementally as specific tasks are completed. If a plumber asks for full payment upfront, hire someone else instead.


What’s the Total Cost?

In addition to finding out when a plumber wants payment, you’ll want to know the total cost ahead of time. As a courtesy to customers, many plumbers offer a free quote for repairs. Once you get a quote, be sure to ask what fees it includes. Some plumbers might give you an estimate that looks reasonable initially but quickly rises with the cost of materials and labor.


What if a Part Breaks?

Sometimes parts break after installation. Before your plumber starts working, ask about any warranty or guarantee for components. Some plumbers offer part-specific warranties, while others provide general warranties based on time for their services. Always get a warranty promise in writing from the plumber, and make sure he or she is bonded and insured.


Will They Clean Up?

This might not sound like an important question, but you’ll want to know if your plumber plans to clean up after a project. If they don’t, you can be left with a massive, time-consuming mess. Be sure to find out if the cost of the clean up is included in the initial quote.


If you want to hire the best plumber in Las Vegas, you’ll need to ask some essential questions first. For professional, high-quality plumbing services, you can always contact Service Plus Plumbing. With a staff of friendly, reputable, and reliable plumbers and 24/7 availability, we’ll gladly help out with your plumbing needs.