For some people, DIY home maintenance is a source of pride. For others, it’s a matter of saving money. However, there are times when you’ll need to call a plumber. Failing to call a plumber when necessary can make problems like clogged toilets and leaking faucets worse. Left untreated, they can cause significant damage. So when is it time to call a plumber in Henderson?


Broken Sink Pipes

Broken sink pipes need immediate professional attention. The pipe network is complex and shouldn’t be handled by anyone without a knowledge of how the pipes connect. Taking pipes apart and improperly putting them back together can damage the components and cause water leaks. Both are expensive to fix!


Clogged Drains

When faced with a clogged drain, many people pour chemical solutions or snake augers down the pipe. While these remedies can cure a clog, they might not be right for your plumbing. The chemicals in drain solutions and the materials used in clog-removal devices can damage pipes and appliances.


Low Water Pressure

Water pressure that seems lower than usual can indicate a severe problem. Sometimes, reduced water pressure comes from debris accumulation in the faucet aerator. But if cleaning the aerator doesn’t work, call a plumber. Reduced water pressure can also be caused by a crack or leak in the pipes. If the problem isn’t fixed, you can end up with significant water damage.


No Hot Water

When the water in your pipes fails to heat or heats very slowly, contact the best plumber in Las Vegas. A knowledgeable plumber can check your home’s hot water heater to look for more complex problems like broken components or sediment build-up. The gas lines can also become weak or corroded and cause issues with the hot water.


Burst Pipes

This problem is most common in the wintertime. Pipes can burst if water somewhere in the piping line freezes. This causes the pipes to expand and ultimately break. If this happens, you can face thousands of dollars in damage! To protect the pipes, keep the thermostat no less than 55ºF and drain excess water from outside water sources like hoses. The pipes can also be wrapped with insulation. But if you do need help for burst pipes, it’s easy to find affordable plumbing in Henderson.


Major Replacements or Installations

You won’t always need to contact a plumber in Henderson for catastrophic problems. A plumber can (and should) be called to help install major appliances in your home. The same applies to renovations and remodeling projects. This ranges from relocating current appliances to installing a new hot water heater or bathroom sink. Tinkering with complex plumbing problems can necessitate future repairs and complete re-installations.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts and intentions, plumbing problems are best left to the professionals. Fortunately, you can contact Service Plus Plumbing for your needs! With 24-hour service and experience in plumbing problems large and small, we’re here to help you out.