You can’t always stop a plumbing problem from happening, but you can at least be ready to fix problems that arise. You might be familiar with the names of a few plumbing tools, such as plungers and snakes. But if you want to be able to really solve your plumbing issues, there are other tools you’ll want to have on hand as well. This way, you’ll be able to avoid calling a 24-hour plumber Henderson and save money on repair bills!



A plunger, which is a quick-fix for clogged drains, is one of the most basic and essential plumbing tools that an individual can have. Ideally, you should have two kinds. A cup plunger is ideal for clearing clogs from flat surfaces like a bathtub and sink drains. A flange plunger is used for toilets. At the very least, have at least one of each your home. Plungers are a fast way to clear pipes and drains. They can even stop a toilet from overflowing, which can create water damage and destroy your bathroom.


Pipe Wrench

If you have a leaky faucet in the kitchen or bathroom sink, a pipe wrench comes in handy. A pipe wrench is designed to either loosen or tighten objects that can’t be adjusted by other tools. A novice can use a pipe wrench to simply tighten a loose pipe. But if you’re mechanically inclined, you can use a pipe wrench to perform more complex repairs too, like replacing aging piping. If you feel that you’re beyond your comfort or skill level, you can always get professional assistance from the Henderson best plumber.


Adjustable Wrench

While all at-home plumbing repair tools are efficient, the adjustable wrench is one of the most efficient of all. This wrench, as the name implies, is a versatile item that is designed to adapt to a number of uses. These wrenches come in a variety of sizes, and they are ideal for handling smaller jobs like tightening narrow shower heads and faucets.


Snake and Auger

Two key pieces of plumbing equipment to have on hand are a snake and an auger. The two are very similar, which is why they’re often grouped together. These tools are designed to clear out clogs deeper in the pipes of your sink, shower, or toilet. They are specially designed to fit the pipes of those appliances, which makes them especially effective for eliminating clogs. Of the two devices, the snake is a bit more versatile, and it can be used on a wider range of appliances.

Armed with a suite of plumbing tools, you have a much better chance of fixing leaks, clearing clogs, and preventing overflows. There are many tools on the market designed to facilitate plumbing fixes, and many of them are easy to use. Sometimes, however, your plumbing problems might be too complex for you to handle alone. If that’s the case, contact us for assistance and we will gladly offer a professional hand.