Hot water heaters don’t last forever, but they also shouldn’t break right after installation. Hot water heaters can encounter problems due to either old age or broken components. Sometimes, homeowners are not sure if they should try to repair the hot water heater or replace the unit. An expert plumber can help you determine whether to repair or replace the water heater. A plumber can also share some signs that it’s time for a new unit.


Old Age

Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years. If yours is older than that, or if you aren’t sure when it was last replaced, you may want to replace the unit, as it may be close to the end of its life. You may be able to determine the water heater’s age by checking the serial number. Keep in mind that a tankless water heater Las Vegas will generally last a little bit longer than a conventional water heater.


Rust-Colored Water

A hot water heater Las Vegas should produce clear water when you turn it on. If it starts to churn out rust-colored water, it’s time to have a professional inspect the system to determine if it needs to be repaired or fixed. Rusty water can indicate that the unit is starting to corrode on the inside.


No Hot Water

A lack of hot water when you turn on the hot water heater can be due to several causes. This might happen when the pilot light goes out, or the circuit breaker gets tripped. Alternatively, the hot water heater may fail to produce hot water when it reaches the end of its life.


Water Leaks

Water can leak from the water heater when there is a problem. If you notice water surrounding the water heater, a fracture or small leak may be the root cause. Before changing the water heater, check to make sure there are no leaks coming from the tank’s connections or fittings.


Rumbling Noises

Rumbling or banging sounds are most noticeable when the hot water heater starts up. This happens when the sediment at the bottom of the tank is heated and hardens. Hardened sedimentation means that the hot water heater has to work harder to heat the water. Sedimentation can also damage the unit by putting pressure on the metal tank that ultimately causes it to crack and create small holes. If you hear rumbling sounds from the water heater, you will want to check for cracks. If you notice any cracks, it’s probably time to replace the unit.

Your water heater may last up to 15 years with proper care. However, water heaters can also develop problems and need replacement. If your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced, contact Service Plus Plumbing today.