These days, water can come from many sources – your tap, a bottle, natural springs, and many more. So which water source is the best, and how can you get high-quality water in your home? Many homeowners are turning to reverse osmosis, which is a unique water filtration process that eliminates toxins and impurities to give you clean, healthy, and safe drinking water on demand. Reverse osmosis can remove many unnecessary and unhealthy minerals, like arsenic, lead, and copper, from your water. If you’re thinking of having the best plumber in Henderson install a reverse osmosis system in your home, here are some benefits you can look forward to.


Sodium Removal

One advantage of a reverse osmosis system is that it removes sodium from your drinking water. Most people consume enough (if not too much) sodium as it is through added salt in food. So why get even more unnecessary sodium from your water? When consumed in greater capacities, sodium can have several detrimental health effects. This includes liver ailments, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. So if your doctor has told you or a family member to cut back on sodium, getting a reverse osmosis water system is an excellent place to start!


Lead Removal

Another hazardous substance that reverse osmosis eliminates is lead. Research shows that many cities and towns in the US have high levels of lead in their drinking water. When lead bio-accumulates, it can cause a variety of health problems. This includes fertility issues, nerve damage, and high blood pressure. In extreme cases, lead accumulation can also cause brain damage.


Reduced Energy Costs

In addition to your health, getting a reverse osmosis system can benefit your wallet, too. A reverse osmosis system can lower your energy expenses compared to other kinds of water systems. That’s because a reverse osmosis water system is more efficient at filtering water than most types of water processing systems. What could be better than the dual combination of purer water and spending less money at the same time?


Minimal Space Required

Another advantage of a reverse osmosis system is that it requires minimal space for installation. If you’re ready to install a reverse osmosis system, the best plumber in Henderson can help you identify the best location in your home for installation. Once the reverse osmosis filter is installed, it only requires minimal upkeep and maintenance to keep working in prime condition.

Installing a reverse osmosis water filtration system takes minimal effort, but it comes with significant rewards. From energy savings to cleaner, healthier, and purer water, there are many advantages to choosing this type of water filtration system. If you have questions about the benefits of reverse osmosis or you’re ready to install one in your home, contact Service Plus Plumbing for affordable plumbing in Henderson: We are here to help you out!