Like many people, you probably do a thorough home cleaning when springtime arrives. But in addition to your living areas, your plumbing system deserves a thorough cleaning, too! Winter weather can be hard on the appliances, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of inspecting your plumbing at least once a year to make sure nothing is broken, leaking, or needs replacement. With a spring plumbing checklist in hand, you can find and solve problems before they become major issues.




The toilets are one of the most water-intensive appliances in your home. In fact, they account for about 25% of your home’s water usage! And that’s with a properly functioning appliance. A leaking toilet can waste gallons of water each day. To avoid wasting money on utility bills and significant plumbing headaches down the road, contact a Las Vegas best plumber if your toilets are leaking or slow to drain.


Water Heater


At least once each year, you should aim to have a hot water heater Las Vegas flushed by a professional. This helps prevent corrosion in the water heater, which in turn extends its longevity. At the very least, the water heater should have several gallons of water drained. However, you may also want to drain the entire system. Once the system is flushed, it will work more efficiently and improve energy efficiency.




Your drains will also benefit from a thorough spring cleaning. If your pipes have been subjected to cold winter temperatures, this will also be an excellent time to check for any leaks that may have developed. As you’re cleaning the drains, be on the lookout for clogs and debris buildup. If you notice that the pipes drain slowly or have a foul smell, a drain clog may be the culprit. A professional should check this issue before causing substantial damage.


Washing Machine and Dishwasher


Your washing machine is another component that deserves a look. The hoses in your washing machine can wear out over time. Eventually, they can burst, resulting in water damage or flooding in your home. You can encounter the same problem with your dishwasher hoses, which last approximately ten years.


Sump Pump


A sump pump should also be checked to make sure it is working correctly. While a working sump pump is critical any time of year, the start of the rainy spring season is an ideal time to make sure your sump pump is functioning properly.

This year, be sure to add plumbing to your list of spring cleaning tasks. From the toilets to the sump pump, it’s important to make sure your home’s plumbing system is problem-free and functioning at its peak capacity. If you need a professional’s evaluation, contact Service Plus Plumbing, your Las Vegas best plumber, for support.