With more family members at home and fewer options for getting out and about, dealing with plumbing issues during the COVID-19 National Emergency might feel like a nightmare! While you can certainly still contact a Las Vegas emergency plumber in this time of crisis, you may also be able to resolve plumbing issues on your own. These top tips from professionals will help you get through the coronavirus pandemic with your plumbing intact.


Minding the Toilet 

 The toilet is one of the most heavily used appliances, especially with more family members spending time at home. Therefore, you’ll want to take extra precautions to make sure your toilet is properly used rather than abused. In turn, that saves a call to Las Vegas plumbing professionals. If you run out of toilet paper, it’s okay to use napkins, paper towels, or wipes instead. However, they should always be discarded into the trash can rather than the toilet to prevent clogs and backups. This also applies to “flushable” wipes, which tend to wreak havoc on plumbing systems despite what the label says. 


Staying Clean 

 Keeping your hands, surfaces, and fabrics clean is always important. But that’s especially true during the COVID-19 outbreak. Viruses can live on surfaces for hours at a time. Therefore, it’s essential to wipe down surfaces as quickly and frequently as possible to prevent the spread of disease. Scouring surfaces can also eliminate bacteria, which is another unwanted pathogen in your home. Ideally, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to get rid of bacteria and viruses. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing surfaces and fabrics. 


Circulating Fresh Air 

 Poor circulation indoors can cause pathogens to spread more quickly and easily throughout your home. If your air filters are not working as well as they should, it’s wise to replace them before disaster strikes. Changing the filters on your furnace system and air conditioning units can significantly reduce the volume of indoor pollutants, which in turn improves indoor air quality tremendously. Adding more filters or UV lights improves air circulation even more. 


Regulating Humidity 

 Humidity levels also play a large role in how you feel. High levels of humidity can exacerbate problems in individuals with existing respiratory issues. If you’re concerned about humidity levels, getting a household dehumidifier will help solve the problem. Keep an eye out for mildew, mold, or other signs of water damage, which can indicate a problem with your plumbing system or high humidity levels. 

 The COVID-19 pandemic brings many challenges. But at Service Plus Plumbing, rest assured we are here to help! Whether you have a question about protecting your Las Vegas plumbing in the national health emergency or you need professional plumbing repairs, we are available to assist you around the clock. Visit our website or call today to learn more about the best plumber in Las Vegas and schedule repairs.