Despite what you might think, a garbage disposal is not a trash can. While a wastebasket can tolerate anything you throw in it, your garbage disposal can’t. Therefore, it’s essential to know what foods are safe and which ones aren’t to avoid plumbing problems, repairs, and extensive damage down the road. To help you out, plumbers Henderson has compiled a list of foods that are off-limits for sensitive garbage disposals.



Chicken bones, turkey bones, and wings are some items that people often put in the garbage disposal. However, they can do considerable damage. Garbage disposals are not designed to break up bones. If you throw them down the drain, they’ll spin around the blades and cause clogs. Furthermore, it will be difficult to remove them without an expert’s help.


Celery and Asparagus

Celery and asparagus might initially seem to be garbage disposal-friendly. However, they can also be problematic for your garbage disposal. Both vegetables have tough, fibrous strings that can wrap around the garbage disposal’s blades. Over time, they can stop the garbage disposal’s blades altogether.


Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can be deceiving, as they appear to be fine, granular particles that go smoothly down the drain. However, they accumulate in your drain over time, creating a thick sludge-like buildup as a result. By that point, you’ll need to contact plumbers Henderson to have the grounds removed from your garbage disposal.


Egg Shells

Eggshells can also wreak havoc on garbage disposals. You might think that the hard edges of cracked eggshells cause problems with your garbage disposal. But it’s the membrane lining of the shell that can ruin your garbage disposal. The membrane can stick to the sides of the garbage disposal and get caught in the shredder. In both cases, significant damage to your garbage disposal can result.


Fruit Pits

Throwing an apple core or peach pit down the garbage disposal might seem perfectly natural. But just as a kitchen knife can’t cut through the core of a tough pit, neither can a garbage disposal blade. Pits should always be disposed of in the trash can or placed in a compost pile. If they get caught in a garbage disposal, you’ll need a Henderson Plumber to repair or replace the unit.



Grease buildup clogs your disposal and can lead to other plumbing problems. Water is the only safe liquid for garbage disposal. Grease, cooking oil, and fats should be appropriately disposed of in your regular trash can. Avoid putting them down a drain of any kind.

If you use them correctly, garbage disposals are an excellent kitchen accessory to have. However, certain foods and substances should never go in them! If you do accidentally put a harmful waste product in your garbage disposal, contact the experts at Service Plus Plumbing right away.