Some plumbing problems you can manage yourself. But others, like installing a dishwasher, require the help of a professional plumber. Sometimes, ambitious homeowners attempt to install a dishwasher on their own. However, the task becomes more time-consuming and complicated than they expected. Never mind the fact that you’re handling an expensive appliance – trying to install a dishwasher on your own can be hazardous. From avoiding leaks to getting insurance coverage, this is why dishwasher installation is best left to the experts.


Technical and Legal Considerations

What many people don’t realize is that installing a dishwasher involves more than just connecting a few hoses and assembling a few components. Depending on the dishwasher brand and your existing plumbing configuration, you might need to change the connections from your old setup or create new ones. A qualified plumber Henderson NV is aware of specific codes and regulations that must be followed when making these connections. However, you might not know that they even exist.


Water Leaks

If you attempt to install a dishwasher on your own, you might not attach all the lines correctly and create secure connections. This can cause the dishwasher to leak. Leaks can quickly increase the cost of your utility bills. If left unfixed, they can also cause water damage. An expert plumber, however, will make sure everything is connected and watertight to prevent leaks.


Insurance Coverage

Although dishwashers aren’t necessarily included in an inspection, you’ll want to make sure your appliance is installed correctly to prevent insurance complications. If you end up with water or electrical damage from a DIY dishwasher installation, your homeowner’s policy might not cover the cost of repairs. Unless the problem stems from a defect with the dishwasher itself, an insurance company can argue that your negligent actions disqualify you from getting an insurance payment for the resulting damage, even if the dishwasher is still under warranty. Therefore, because the dishwasher uses both electricity and water, it’s best to have a professional complete the installation.


Aesthetic Concerns

Regardless of whether your dishwasher installation is a standalone project or part of a more comprehensive kitchen remodeling task, you’ll want the appliance and your kitchen to look their best in the end. This is true for any kitchen, but if you have to resize the surrounding countertops or rearrange other fixtures to make the dishwasher fit, it is often more challenging to put the pieces back together and make it look presentable. However, creating a picture-perfect kitchen, in the end, is just what your Henderson best plumber is here for.

Picking out a new dishwasher for your kitchen is easy. Installing it is another story. Without the help of a professional plumber, improper dishwasher installations can cause leaks, raise insurance issues, and become an eyesore in your kitchen. When you’re ready to install a new appliance, don’t take matters into your own hands. Call Service Plus Plumbing, your local experts, for assistance.