For many people, the concept of “spring cleaning” means scrubbing, sweeping, and mopping the main living areas. But there’s another part of your home that deserves attention with the change of seasons, too. Spring is also a great time to check your home’s plumbing system, which can quickly become worn out or damaged during the cold winter months. A Henderson plumber can offer expert advise on preparing your pipes for warmer weather.


Maintain the Yard 

 If you’ve been thinking of planting new grass or flowers, knowing that yard maintenance will help your plumbing system as well can be an excellent motive to get a head start. While you’re sprucing up the lawn, take time to sweep debris away from the foundation and clear the gutters to avoid clogs and flooding. 


Inspect the Faucets 

 You can check for problems with your faucets by running them on cold and hot settings. This helps ensure there are no leaks and that the water temperature is accurate. It’s also a good way to check for abnormalities in water pressure levels. Note that any air in water lines can cause fluctuations in water pressure for a few minutes. Still, water pressure that remains consistently high or low can be a sign of a problem that needs a professional’s attention. 


Check Exposed Pipes 

 When spring arrives, it’s essential to check your exterior pipes for signs of damage, especially if you didn’t winterize them. Any discoloration, mold growth, or cracks are an indication that it’s time to contact a Henderson plumber for assistance. 


Flush the Water Heater 

 At least once a year, it’s essential to flush your water heater to keep it working correctly. Spring is a perfect time to flush the heater while you’re attending to other plumbing repair and maintenance tasks, too. Flushing out the heater will eliminate any residue or debris that has built up in the tank. It also gives you a chance to make sure the unit is still working properly and doesn’t need to be replaced. 


Check for Toilet Leaks 

 Sometimes, a leaking toilet is obvious, especially if it consistently runs or water pools around the base. But other times, a leak might be small or otherwise not as apparent. A good way to check for leaks in the toilet is to put a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Food coloring that gets into the toilet bowl after a few minutes indicates a leak, and it means you’ll have to replace the flapper. 

 Along with washing your bedding and linens and throwing away old clothing, spring cleaning should also include inspecting your home’s plumbing system for signs of a problem. If you need assistance with plumbing inspections or if you discover a problem with the pipes, don’t hesitate to contact Service Plus Plumbing for an expert fix.