Retrofitting your pipes can extend their longevity and make your plumbing system more durable. Pipe retrofitting is the processing of modifying a piece of equipment or installing new pipes to make the plumbing system more modern or correct a problem such as a leak. Sometimes, people retrofit their plumbing systems when they are looking to fix up or sell their homes to boost their value. If you’re thinking of retrofitting your plumbing, a Vegas plumbing expert can advise when to retrofit.

Leaking Pipes

Pipe leaks are one of the biggest reasons why homeowners decide to retrofit their pipes. Plumbing inevitably wears down over time. Sometimes it can be repaired, especially if the pipes are newer and the leak is minor. Other times, however, you’ll want to retrofit the pipes instead by replacing the old pipes with newer and more durable materials.

Corrosion and Pipe Deterioration

Sometimes, pipes will deteriorate as they age or when they’re exposed to certain environmental hazards. You may notice white powdery deposits underneath your pipes, which can indicate a problem with the pipes. You may also discover water leaking at the pipe joints, which is a problem that retrofitting can address. Rust stains are another plumbing issue that signals it’s time to replace the pipes. Left untreated, rust is especially hazardous, as it can either make its way into your drinking water and cause health issues or continue eating away at the pipes until they crack and break.

Outdated Plumbing

Over time, new materials are introduced to the market to make pipes and other plumbing fixtures more durable. Sometimes, materials fall out of fashion because they tend to cause problems. Such is the case with polybutylene, which was a popular pipe material used from the 1970s through the 1990s. Polybutylene, which is a type of plastic, reacts negatively with chemicals added to the water from municipal water supplies. Eventually, this interaction causes fractures and corrosion. If your home has pipes made of polybutylene plastic, you should consider retrofitting for ideal plumbing Las Vegas, especially if your home is connected to a public water supply rather than a well.

Newer Materials

Today, copper is a preferred material for retrofitting pipes. Copper is malleable, holds up well to pressure, endures temperature changes, and is overall quite reliable. Another commonly used material is called crosslinked polyethylene, or PEX. PEX is just as durable as copper, and it is also less expensive, which is a bonus for anyone looking to save money on home repairs.

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