The thought of fixing a clogged drain or a dripping faucet on your own might sound intimidating, but repairing your own plumbing can be easy! Not to mention, learning how to fix your plumbing without the help of a professional can also save you a considerable amount of time and money. The task of taking on the care and maintenance of your pipes might sound intimidating, but it’s quite simple once you learn what to do.


Extend Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

You might think to unclog the drains every now and then when they start running slowly, but the chances are good that unless you have a problem, you might not stop to think about your water heater. Tankless hot water heaters are generally more straightforward and require less maintenance than traditional tank-based water heaters. However, if you install any hot water heater and simply let it go without performing any maintenance, you might find that your system wears out long before its projected lifespan.


Luckily, you can take several easy steps to maintain your hot water heater so that it doesn’t encounter problems down the road. This will also save money! To start, be sure to flush the water heater at least once a year. Along with draining your hot water heater, be sure to check it periodically for problems. Rust can develop in several key spots, including the anode rod. This rod, which is found in the tank itself, is designed to prevent rust from accumulating. If you notice rust developing, it might be time to replace the rod. It’s best if you catch the problem early, as it is much easier to replace a rod that’s worn out than it is to replace an entire water heater.


Clear Your Drains

One of the most common requests for pipe maintenance service Las Vegas is to unclog drains in the bathroom and kitchen. Drains can get clogged for a variety of reasons, including accumulation of food scraps, hair, and other solid particles in the pipes. If these particles are not removed or flushed from time to time, they will eventually form a clog. Clogs sometimes happen suddenly too, such as if you try to force the wrong items through your garbage disposal. Fixing the clog ultimately depends on the source of the problem. You may be able to use a vacuum, plunger, or hot water remove clogs. While clogged drains are often something you can do yourself, it’s best to avoid problems before they start. Avoid putting grease down the kitchen drains, as grease will coat the pipes and eventually cause clogs. It’s also a good idea to install shower drain covers so that they can catch hair and soap residue before it makes its way into the plumbing system. Also note that trash, including paper waste products, should be appropriately disposed of in the garbage can and not flushed down the drain.


Keep Roots at Bay

Although many homeowners focus on their home’s interior when it comes to plumbing maintenance, one of the most significant sources of plumbing woes comes from outside! It might sound surprising, but the trees in your yard can cause damage to your plumbing lines. This happens when tree roots grow into (and eventually break through) your underground pipelines. A professional can provide tree maintenance and plumbing repairs if you discover that a pipe has already broken due to an intruding root. But if you happen to spot a root encroaching on an area near a pipe before it breaks through, you can keep it from spreading further by spraying a chemical solution on the root. This will prevent the root from growing further, which in turn will save your pipelines from breaks and leaks.


Fix Leaking Pipes

In addition to driving you nuts, the constant dripping sound from a leaking pipe can also cost you money. Leaks can develop in any pipe, especially if it is an older one. Along with creating a dripping sound, a leak can also cause a drop in water pressure. If your water pressure levels are getting noticeably lower, or if you can’t easily find and fix the leak yourself, call a professional Henderson plumber to check out the situation.


Thaw out Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops, any remaining water left in your pipes can freeze. This situation can be hazardous, as frozen pipes are at a much higher risk or rupturing or sprouting leaks. Since frozen pipes can be a hassle to deal with, the best solution is to prevent them from freezing in the first place. If you live in a cold climate or you won’t be using your home in winter, wrap insulation around the pipes in your basement, garage, storage spaces, or any areas exposed to cold air. Opening the cabinets below your kitchen and bathroom sinks will expose them to warmer air. This, in turn, prevents them from freezing. If you are leaving, turn the thermostat down to no less than 55°F.


Find the Shut-Off Valves

Before you start any plumbing project, be sure to find out where the shut-off valves are located in your home. This is undoubtedly true for the primary plumbing fixtures including the toilet and sinks. But you should also find the shut-off valves for smaller appliances too, such as the dishwasher and showers. It’s also a good idea to learn the location of the shut-off valves in case you ever need to turn off your water supply in the event of a plumbing emergency. If you’re not sure where to find the valves, contact a Henderson plumber for assistance.


While it’s true that you can’t fix all plumbing problems on your own, there are many that you can fix without having to get professional assistance. Taking simple measures like watching your trees’ root growth, fixing leaks, and wrapping your pipes for winter goes a long way in preventing plumbing problems. But if you do find that you’re in over your head, it’s easy to find affordable plumbing in Henderson for a quick fix.