As a homeowner, you may put many things down the drain, including some that don’t belong there! One is cooking grease. Most people assume that grease can go down the drain because it’s a liquid. The same applies to cooking oil. However, grease can cause significant problems when it gets into the pipes. Backups, sewage spills, and a clogged drain Las Vegas are all some unpleasant issues that grease accumulation can cause. Whether you’re trying to deal with a clogged drain from grease buildup or you want to take precautions to avoid calling a Las Vegas best plumber, here are some tips.


How Grease Affects Your Drain

You may think that when oil or grease goes down the drain as hot liquids, they will pass through without causing problems. However, grease sticks to the pipe when it’s poured down the drain, even when it is in a liquid state. Unlike other particles that go down the drain, hot water won’t fix the problem. Grease accumulation will gradually clog the pipe to the point that it gets blocked completely. If that happens, you will need to contact an expert plumber to clear the clog before it causes major problems.


What Foods Contain Grease?

Grease is found in many common foods. Some on the list may be surprising! Salad dressing, cake frosting, gravy, cheese, butter, sour cream, sauces, and dips are typical household items that may create problems. Bacon grease is another substance that belongs in the trash can, not your drains.


How to Dispose of Fats, Oil, and Grease

Fortunately, you can prevent many problems before they start by properly disposing of greasy substances. For starters, you can scrape any greasy and oily foods from plates and bowls into the garbage can. Using a strainer in your drains catches grease and other harmful substances before they cause clogs, too. Experts also recommend pouring grease, fat, and cooking oils in a separate container. If the contents are still hot from cooking, let them cool off completely before throwing them away.


Cleaning up a Mess

Unfortunately, you may be in a situation where you have already poured grease down the drain and you are wondering what to do about it. Despite all the issues that grease can cause, rest assured that pouring a small amount of grease down the drain won’t cause a massive clog. However, it’s still a good idea to boil water and pour it down the drain regularly to keep it from solidifying. Ammonia, baking soda, and vinegar can also clear out a clog.

If you suspect grease is causing problems in your pipes, don’t hesitate to give Service Plus Plumbing a call. With 24/7 assistance and staff prepared for emergencies, we are ready to handle a clogged drain Las Vegas and any other plumbing problem you may have.