For many people, older homes hold tremendous charm and appeal. Luckily, there are quite a few older homes in the US housing market. By definition, an “old” home is a house that was constructed before 1920. Older homes built in the early 1900s or earlier are sometimes called “antique” homes. As endearing as old homes may be, they may also come with potential problems that prospective homeowners should be aware of before closing the sale.


Plumbing Problems


Plumbing problems are among the most common issues in older homes, especially pipe failures. Pipes can wear out over time, causing leaks, cracks, and water damage. A major pipe failure can even make the home inhospitable or necessitate expensive repairs. Faulty pipes can also cause longer-term problems such as the growth of mold or mildew. Piping material may also be an issue depending on when the home was constructed. An older home can also be subject to tree root damage, especially if it is located in a densely vegetated area. A Henderson plumbing professional can find issues with an older home’s plumbing and recommend repairs.


Structural and Foundation Problems


Even the sturdiest home can ultimately succumb to structural problems. A home’s foundation can shift and cause unevenness in the walls. The foundation can also develop cracks due to excessive wear. Moisture can accumulate in the pilings or foundation support, which causes corrosion, rotting, and other moisture damage. Cracked walls, cracked floors, or doors that jam or don’t latch properly can all be a sign of a structural problem.


Roof Problems


An old home can also have problems with the roof. Sometimes, a roof that has gone unchecked or unrepaired can deteriorate, which can cause major trouble. Interior water damage, pests, and insulation that doesn’t work properly are just a few problems that a bad roof can cause. A roof in subpar condition should be addressed as soon as possible since the damage that results from roofing issues can be quite costly. Evidence of water damage in the home, sagging gutters, crumbling cement in the roof, and missing shingles can all be a sign that the roof has problems.


Electrical Problems


Older homes may also have electrical problems. Many older homes don’t have the volume of outlets that homeowners often want for their appliances and electronics. However, the electrical systems in older homes may also be a safety risk. Generally, wiring installed before 1960 can last up to 70 years, while wiring installed after that can last up to 100 years. Before buying an older home, be sure to have an electrician inspect the electrical system to look for problems.


Buying an older home can be an excellent investment. However, there are some potential problem areas to check first before you close the sale. For quality Vegas plumbing assistance, contact Service Plus Plumbing for your home plumbing needs today.