You might have heard of a water softener before, but what is it, and why would you need one? A water softener’s main job is to remove the minerals in water that make it hard. Higher levels of magnesium and calcium specifically are attributed to hard water. It might not sound like a big deal to you, but hard water can cause problems throughout your home. For instance, it can clog pipes and drains, affect soap’s ability to dissolve in water and create buildup in your pipes and appliances. In turn, this reduces their efficiency. These are just a few advantages of a water softener.


Prevents Corrosion and Clogs

Before contacting a professional for water softener installation Las Vegas, you’ll want to be on the lookout for signs that you need a water softener in your home. If you notice limescale accumulating on the appliances, which is a chalky white substance, the cause is likely hard water. Keep in mind that the accumulation is probably happening within the pipes, too, which can cause clogs and corrosion. A water softener prevents this accumulation with an ion exchange system.


Improves Clothing Quality and Appearance

If you notice that each washer cycle produces faded clothing with a grayish appearance, hard water may be to blame. Your clothing, bedsheets, and towels may also be scratchy and have a stiff texture. Using a front-loading washer with liquid detergent can help offset the effects of hard water. However, a water softener is the ideal solution. Dry skin and hair are other indications of hard water.


Reduces Energy Bills

Of all the benefits a water softener provides, one of the top is a lower energy bill. Your appliances and plumbing system function much more smoothly and efficiently when aided by a water softener, as limescale buildup does not interfere with water pressure, water flow, and heat transfer. On average, a water softener uses up to 29% less energy each year than a conventional water softener. Considering the amount of water most Americans use daily, water softener installation Las Vegas makes quite a bit of sense.


Extends Your Plumbing System’s Lifespan

Getting a water softener also means that you might not have to replace your pipes and plumbing fixtures as frequently. Limescale, which accumulates in pipes over time from hard water, increases water pressure as a result. That, in turn, causes more strain for the sewer system’s components. A water softener prevents the accumulation of limescale, letting water flow through freely.

There are many advantages to getting a water softener for your home. From healthier-looking hair and skin to cleaner clothing and a longer-lasting sewer system, it makes sense to consider getting a water softener. Just contact Service Plus Plumbing for affordable plumbing in Henderson to get better water today.