You may have heard the term “reverse osmosis” before. But what exactly does the phrase mean, and is reverse osmosis something you really need? Reverse osmosis is a process that removes harmful toxins, including chemicals and excess chlorine, from water throughout your home. The stages of reverse osmosis vary depending on the number of filters the process uses to remove contaminants from your drinking water. From health to better taste, here are some of the benefits you’ll get from reverse osmosis.


Fewer Contaminants


Reverse osmosis removes contaminants commonly found in water, such as lead, calcium, iron, and manganese. These contaminants, called molecular compounds, are squeezed out of the water through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is currently considered to be the most effective kind of water purification process to remove impurities from drinking water.


Safer Water


Along with certain molecular compounds, reverse osmosis has also been praised because it can remove potentially harmful substances that may enter water through your plumbing system, such as lead. Higher concentrations of lead and other toxins that leach out of older pipes can contribute to an increased risk of certain diseases and conditions such as nerve damage, low fertility rates, and high blood pressure. Reverse osmosis can also eliminate parasites and other pathogens before harming you or your family members.


Better Taste


Water that tastes better is naturally more palatable. In blind taste test studies, drinking water that is cleansed through the reverse osmosis process has been rated as having a better taste compared to regular tap water and bottled water.


Cost Savings


If saving money sounds appealing, it’s time to contact plumbers Henderson to switch your water filtration system to reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is less expensive than bottled water. Therefore, switching to a reverse osmosis system in your home can save tremendous amounts of money. Additionally, you’ll use less plastic when you choose water from your own faucet compared to bottled water.


Easy Maintenance


Even if you’re not an expert plumber, you’ll appreciate having a low-maintenance water filtration system in your home. Reverse osmosis systems generally only need maintenance once every six months. Some systems can go even longer between maintenance intervals. You will need to replace the filter periodically for the system’s optimal maintenance, but little additional effort is required.


From making your drinking water safer to improving its taste, there are many advantages to changing from bottled water or regular tap water to reverse osmosis. If you’ve decided it’s time for a change in drinking water quality, be sure to contact Service Plus Plumbing, the Las Vegas best plumber, for assistance at your convenience.