While you might look forward to your morning coffee, your plumbing views it with dread. Most people don’t think twice about grinding coffee beans and tossing them down the drain. After all, it’s supposed to handle organic waste, right? Unfortunately, some items don’t belong in your pipes. Coffee grounds, which top the list, can easily cause a clogged drain Las Vegas. Whether you’re trying to prevent plumbing problems in the future or you have a drain backup from coffee grounds on your hands, we have some tips to help you out.

Why Coffee Grounds and Plumbing Don’t Mix

Along with grease and fats, coffee beans are one common item that should go in the garbage can, not down the sink. Coffee grounds have a fine texture, which makes them stick to any residual debris in your sink or garbage disposal. Eventually, this can cause clogs or make your garbage disposal fail to work properly.

How to Dispose of Coffee Grounds

Fortunately, you can easily dispose of used grounds in the garbage or find creative recycling uses to eliminate waste. If you have a reusable coffee filter, be sure to dump the beans in the trash can and wipe out the filter with a paper towel to remove residual grounds from the lining. Once you’ve removed all coffee grounds from the filter, you can wash it off in the sink if it needs cleaning. In warmer weather, you can also use coffee grounds as a fertilizer. This can be as simple as adding them to your organic compost pile. Coffee grounds, which are rich in minerals, can also help fertilize plants in your garden. Since coffee has a powerful smell, it can also alleviate bad odors in your home. Putting a bowl of grounds in your fridge, for instance, keeps strong scents at bay.

Fixing a Coffee-Clogged Drain

Disposing of coffee grounds in your sink or garbage disposal might not cause a clog the first time around. Therefore, you might think it’s a perfectly safe method of disposal. Over time, however, the grounds can accumulate in your sink and cause a clogged drain Las Vegas. You may have a clog if the sink drains more slowly than normal or if it fails to drain at all. On your own, you can try to fix the clog by using a plunger. If that doesn’t work, try looking beneath the sink for the P-trap, which can be opened to release the contents of your drain. If nothing seems to work, call us for help!

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