You might think that a dripping faucet is merely an annoyance, but it can also indicate a more serious problem with your home’s plumbing system. A pipe can start leaking for many reasons, including old age and corrosion. Unfortunately, pipe leaks are a problem that gets worse, not better. Before disaster strikes, you should contact a professional for superior plumbing in Las Vegas. Here are some causes of a pipe leak and what they mean. 

Foundation Shift 

 Sometimes, a pipe will start leaking if there is a shift in your home’s foundation. A foundation can shift suddenly, such as if there is an earthquake or a hurricane. However, foundations generally shift over time. However gradual, these changes can cause your water lines to rupture or disconnect, which can cause significant pipe leaks. 

High Water Pressure 

 High water pressure can cause damage to your home’s plumbing system, including causing the pipes to leak. Water that flows through the pipes at above-average volumes puts substantial pressure on the pipes and valves, which can cause excessive stress. Regulating water pressure will alleviate or avoid the problem. 

Tree Roots 

 Tree roots are a common culprit of pipe leaks. Sometimes, a problem with tree roots originates in your plumbing system. The pipes in your plumbing system that run underground can develop small cracks, which creates surrounding areas of moisture. The tree roots naturally gravitate towards the moisture, which means they can grow through your pipes. If you have trees in your yard near the pipelines and notice a leak, hire an expert plumber to check for signs of tree roots interfering with the plumbing. 

Temperature Changes 

 Changes in temperature are another common cause of pipe leaks. This is primarily the case in cold weather when pipes can freeze and burst if they are not insulated and exposed to cold temperatures. If a pipe is subjected to freezing temperatures when there is still standing water inside, it runs the risk of expanding and bursting. Pipes near the outside of your home or pipes that are not adequately insulated have the highest risk of bursting. Wrap the pipes with insulation or drain all exterior pipes to avoid freezing pipes before winter arrives. 


 Corrosion is more likely to occur with older pipes or pipes made of certain materials, such as galvanized steel or copper. Corroded pipes will eventually become weak and develop cracks, which in turn causes them to start leaking. Since a corroded pipe may be hard to locate, call it in an expert if you can’t find the source of a leaking pipe. 

 Pipes can leak for many reasons, but the problem spells trouble if it’s not fixed. Luckily, Service Plus Plumbing is here to fix a leak Henderson when you need immediate repairs.