If you think of your home in anatomical terms, the drainpipes will equate to the arteries. The water pipes and drains direct water through your home and keep areas dependent on water, like the bathrooms and kitchen, working properly. Sometimes, however, problems arise with the drainpipes that cause malfunctions and serious plumbing concerns. At the very least, pipes that aren’t working properly can interrupt daily activities like cleaning, cooking, and daily hygiene. If these issues are not addressed immediately, they can cause considerable damage and be expensive to fix. If you are facing a leaking or broken pipe, the best plumber in Henderson may recommend rerouting the pipes to avoid future problems. These two tips will help you properly reroute the pipes.


Call a Professional

While you can fix minor plumbing problems on your own, you won’t be able to handle rerouting the pipes without a professional’s assistance. The drain lines, also called the sewer pipes, run from most major appliances, including your showers, toilets, and sinks. They also run from bathroom appliances. Regardless of where they originate, all drain lines route back to the main sewer line. Depending on your home’s configuration, your main sewer line will either connect to a septic tank or a sewer city system. Since rerouting pipes is a complex task, it requires the assistance of a Henderson plumbing expert to fix. Essentially, a rerouting project involves rearranging the PVC pipes (using joist nails and a hacksaw) to connect the drains with the main sewer line.


Rerouting the Water Lines

There are several types of plumbing lines that may need to be rerouted. One is the waterline. Water lines, which connect to your drains, are among the most common pipes in your home to break. Rerouting your water lines is a better option than drilling through the foundation to install new lines. It is also the best pathway for damaged water pipes, leaking pipes, and pipes that are generally old and in sub-par condition. Properly rerouting the water lines also depends on the type of leak you are dealing with. The most common leak is called a slab leak. A slab leak occurs when hard water, rust, high water pressure, or lousy piping structures cause pinhole-sized leaks. These leaks gradually get worse over time. When rerouting your pipes, a professional plumber may use several alternative materials such as copper, galvanized pipes, cast iron, PEX, and cPVC. The best material depends on your current plumbing system and your budget.

In some situations, rerouting your plumbing lines is a better option than simply fixing a leak. This is especially true if your pipes tend to leak frequently. No matter what kind of rerouting project you decide to undertake, be sure to contact an expert to help out. If you need assistance right away, don’t hesitate to contact Service Plus Plumbing, the best plumber in Henderson.