Sometimes, you’ll discover a pipe leak by noticing small water stains next to your appliances. Other times, you may discover a pool of water on the floor. While the signs of a pipe leak may vary, they all indicate a major problem that needs to be addressed. Although you’ll need to contact an expert plumber to fix a leak Henderson, there are some steps you can take to find the source of the leak on your own first. 

Check the Service Line 

 There are two main areas on your property where a leak can develop. One is the main service line. The other is your irrigation system. To find a leak in the service line, you will need to turn off the shutoff valve. Keep in mind that the valve can break when you try to turn it off if it’s old or corroded. Start by looking for the spot where the service line runs from the ground to the home. It is usually located in the front of your house, but it may also be located in the basement. 

 Next, you’ll want to locate the water meter. It will appear as a concrete box with a metal lid by the curb. You will probably need a screwdriver to open the lid. Then, check the meter for a leak. Water running through the meter indicates a leak in the service line. The most common places where leaks develop are near the shutoff valve and at a fitting or a joint in the pipe. 

Check the Irrigation System 

 If you don’t see any water in the meter, the leak is likely coming from another source, such as the irrigation system. 

 To see if the problem lies in your irrigation system instead, start by turning the shutoff valve back on. Then, check to make sure all the appliances and faucets in your home that use water are turned off. As with the main service line, you will then want to check the water meter. The water meter should be recording your water usage. Once you’ve determined that the water meter is on and running, turn off the water connected to your irrigation system. In most homes, water flow to the irrigation system is controlled by a valve behind the backflow preventer. Check the water meter to see if it is recording water usage. If not, the water leak is likely coming from the irrigation system. Most leaks in the irrigation system come from a faulty pipe between the backflow preventer and the irrigation valve box or a broken valve in the irrigation valve box. 

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