Like most people, you’re probably always contemplating ways to improve your home. One of the most significant parts of home construction projects people undertake is the plumbing. Additions, renovations, and new construction plans all warrant the need for proper plumbing. And configuring plumbing correctly is an involved process. From local building codes to connecting water pipes, there are many considerations to keep in mind. Asking yourself these critical questions at the start will save time and aggravation.


Where Will I Put the Water Pipes?

In addition to planning out a network for your home’s pipes and appliances, considering where to put the water pipes is important to meet city regulations. Essentially, you’ll need to have pipes that create a two-way flow of traffic into and out of your home. So as you’re planning to build a bathroom, for instance, you will want to ask yourself how fresh water will get into the room and how you can drain dirty water out. Keep in mind that pipes are importing water into your home, such as a showerhead or faucet, should be concealed until they reach their endpoint. This is for both aesthetic and practical purposes, as concealed pipes stay warmer. Also, note that pipes leading to the sewer are configured differently for connecting to a private sewer versus municipal pipes.


Another factor to consider when you are planning water line routes is whether or not you’re creating a custom home or room. Custom designs often require modification to the pipes to ensure they fit properly. Since this can be difficult to figure out if you’re not an expert, call on Service Plus Plumbing Las Vegas to offer expert assistance.


Where are the Shut Off Valves?

Shut off valves are components that control the flow of water through your home’s pipes. They are the mechanism that turns the water off if there is an emergency or if you need to make repairs. Since they are essential for your plumbing system, and also usually mandated by building codes, finding a place for your shut off valves is one of the most critical considerations in a home plumbing project. Most valves are placed in the basement where they can be accessed easily without creating an eyesore. Bear in mind that you’ll need to have two sets of shut off valves. One controls the pipes in your home’s interior. The other set controls water flow from the municipal pipelines that transport water out. If you’re not sure of the best location, the experts at Service Plus Plumbing Las Vegas can help.


From efficiently configuring the pipes to accounting for aesthetics and municipal codes, there is a lot to think about when you are planning a home plumbing project. If you find that you have questions or need assistance, count on us to help. Offering affordable plumbing in Henderson, we are in business to help local homeowners. We look forward to serving your needs!