Shopping for a new home can seem overwhelming. There are lots to think about, and chances are the homeowner has spent a lot of time and effort making things look picture-perfect. Sometimes, there are problems present that you might not be aware of at first glance. One major component to check out in a prospective home is the plumbing. It’s essential to make sure the plumbing is in prime working condition, as dealing with plumbing problems will create a major headache when you move in. You can look for some plumbing issues yourself, but you might need a professional’s assistance to find others.


Watch for Water

One of the most obvious indications of plumbing problems is finding water where it shouldn’t be. This includes standing water and water that is leaking or dripping from the ceiling. Quite often, a homeowner or realtor will clean up any residual water before you arrive. But on your own, you can look for problem spots. Whenever you walk into a room, look up at the ceiling. Brown or circular spots are a good indication of water damage from a leaking roof or a bad pipe. Ask how old the roof is and check out the pipes in person to get an idea of their condition.


Check the Toilets

Running and clogged toilets are one of the main reasons why people call a  plumber Henderson. Water will sometimes accumulate in the area where the toilet meets the floor. You should check for problems in the caulking material and dampness around the seals. If the floor around the toilet is soft, it’s a good indication that the floor has been previously subjected to water damage.


Check the Plumbing System

When you’re visiting a home, be sure to leave time for taking a good look at the plumbing system. This can be accomplished by opening the cabinets and checking out the closets with access to the plumbing. These discrete areas might have water damage and leaks that have gone unnoticed even by the people leading the showing.


Visit on a Rainy Day

Most people like to tour homes on a bright, sunny day. But there’s a major advantage to seeing a home when the weather is bad. If the homeowner welcomes people stopping by, try to visit the property either when it’s raining or soon after a storm. This will give you a sneak preview of how the home holds up in a storm. If you see water pooling near the home or around the property, there is probably a problem with the home’s drainage. Damage to the surrounding roads can indicate a problem with the plumbing, too.


Look at the Water Pressure

When you visit a home, be sure to test out the water pressure. You can do so by turning on the kitchen sink, showers, and outdoor hoses. Ideally, you should try out the hot and cold water for each appliance. Be aware of hot water that doesn’t heat up quickly, as the water wasted in the meantime can be a financial burden. The toilets should also flush and refill quickly. Note any tanks that seem to be slow to refill or that run for a long time after you’ve flushed the toilet. If you suspect a blockage, look for a plumber who offers pipe maintenance service to make sure your house is in prime living condition and doesn’t jeopardize your finances through expensive repairs.

There are many things to consider when you’re looking at a new home. Of all the parts of the house that you see, however, the plumbing is one of the most important. If you need affordable plumbing in Henderson to fix a plumbing issue on a new home, don’t hesitate to contact Service Plus Plumbing.