Of all the fixtures in your home, which uses the most water? It turns out it’s your toilet, which single-handedly consumes 30% of your home’s water. According to the EPA, the average person flushes a toilet about 140,000 times in a lifetime. That’s a lot of water! However, there is a solution: an eco-friendly toilet. Making the switch can save money and use much less water. Eco-friendly toilets also come in stylish and eye-catching designs.


Less Water Usage, More Savings

Traditional toilets use between 3.7 and seven gallons of water per flush. Starting in 1992, the EPA passed new laws requiring all toilets to use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This means that by installing an eco-friendly toilet, you’ll use less than half of the water that you did before. You’ll also spend half as much money on utilities. That’s a win-win solution!


The Numbers Add Up

Installing just one toilet makes a difference. But installing more has a cumulative impact. By switching to one eco-friendly toilet, you’ll reduce your home’s water usage by about 20%. If the Las Vegas best plumber replaces three toilets, your water usage can drop by 60%. And that’s just one home. If each American household replaced one older toilet with a new one, we’d save over 500 billion gallons of water each year.


Single-Flush Designs

Today, all toilets on the market must meet strict water usage standards. While they’re all eco-friendly, some are even more efficient. If a toilet has the “WaterSense” label, it uses a maximum of 1.28 gallons per flush. These toilets, which are called low-flow, save even more money and conserve even more water annually than their peers.


Dual-Flush Designs

Dual-flush toilets have two separate buttons that you can press to eliminate liquid or solid waste. This can result in tremendous cost savings. Some dual-flush designs use as little as a half gallon of water for each liquid-waste flush, which is next to nothing compared to a conventional toilet.


Many Choices

Since all toilets on the market must now meet the EPA’s standards, there are many more varieties to choose from. Across all brands, there are more than 2,000 stylish toilet designs! Among the selection, you’ll find many modern-looking and attractive toilets that look better and save more money than your old toilets.

If you haven’t yet replaced your aging toilets with eco-friendly versions, now is the time to make the change. Every eco-friendly toilet that you install in your home can save nearly $100 per year and minimize your water consumption by over 50%. Getting a toilet with the EPA’s “WaterSense” label is even more efficient, while an eco-friendly dual-flush toilet gets even better. No matter which style or brand you want, let Service Plus Plumbing help with the installation. By offering quality affordable plumbing Las Vegas NV, we’ll get your new toilet up and running in no time.