Water-CoverPlugged Sewer Line? Call the Plumber!

When you’re dealing with a plugged sewer line, it can really make life difficult. You’ll find that every plumbing fixture in the household is having difficulty draining at the same time. You also might see water coming up in your tub when you flush the toilet or your toilet could start to bubble when you run the sink.

You could be fighting with problems with flushing to the point that you might not be able to use your toilet anymore and if you have an actual overflow, then you’re in for a major mess. Many homeowners will try to solve the problem on their own, buying industrial-strength drain cleaners, using a drain snake, or renting heavy equipment to get the job done. After all that expense, you still may not get to the heart of the matter. Your best bet is to call in a professional.

Turn to an Expert to Get it Right the First Time

Your sewage clog could be due to a problem with your septic tank or city sewer lines. It may be a problem on the portion that is running to your home or may originate with the town. It’s important to get an expert opinion from a plumber. You may find that the city will be responsible for your repair bill.

You could also be dealing with the serious issue of roots infiltrating cracks in your line, a problem that can cause your sewer pipes to be destroyed. When you get the competent assistance of a plumber, rest assured that you’re in good hands.